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SC2: Die Patchnotes zu dem neuen Patch 5.0.3

Im Verlauf des gestrigen Abends haben die für die fortlaufende Entwicklung von neuen Inhalten für Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void verantwortlichen Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment überraschenderweise den neuen Patch 5.0.3 auf die Liveserver dieses Strategiespiels aufgespielt.

Teaser Bild von SC2: Die Patchnotes zu dem neuen Patch 5.0.3
Teaser Bild von SC2: Die Patchnotes zu dem neuen Patch 5.0.3

Im selben Moment veröffentlichte dieses Team dann netterweise auch noch offizielle Patchnotes zu dieser neuen Spielversion, die wie üblich ganz genau auflisten, was für Auswirkungen dieser Patch eigentlich auf das Spiel hatte und mit welchen Änderungen die Spieler rechnen müssen. Laut dieser bisher leider nur auf Englisch vorhandenen Übersicht beinhaltete Patch 5.0.3 neben der üblichen Menge an notwendigen Fehlerbehebungen auch noch eine Reihe von Spielbalanceänderungen für den Koop-Modus von SC2, mehrere Verbesserungen für den zum Spiel gehörenden Editor und den neuen Zuschauermodus “Pro 2020”. Weitere Details zu den verschiedenen Inhalten dieses Updates findet ihr bei Interesse in den folgenden Patchnotes.

StarCraft II 5.0.3 Patch Notes: GENERAL New observer interface added, “Pro 2020”. Supports 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games at 16×9. Previously seen earlier this year at IEM Katowice and War Chest Team League. Features larger numbers and icons for improved mobile and couch viewing. Reduced text for multi-region broadcasts.

CO-OP MISSIONS Maps Part and Parcel The mission timer now starts with 90 additional seconds. Scythe of Amon The Warp Prism for the bonus objective will now announce its planned path 20 seconds before moving. Alarak Shadow of Death Prestige This Prestige has been reworked. The Mothership and its Destroyers no longer receive reduced stats from this Prestige. Summon Death Fleet initial cooldown removed. Summon Death Fleet now costs 400/400. Summon Death Fleet no longer comes with free Destroyers. You may now warp-in permanent Destroyers from the Mothership at a cost of 125/75. Artanis Artanis now starts the game with a Power Field deployed. Nexus Legate Prestige Project Power Field’s energy cost increased from 10 to 25. Dehaka Broodbrother Prestige Dehaka and Zweihaka’s maximum life are no longer reduced. Zweihaka’s life bar is now a different color from Dehaka’s. Fenix Talis’ Ricochet Glaive ability cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Unwavering Vindicator Prestige Renamed to Unconquered Spirit to more accurately suit the commander’s lore. Kerrigan Malevolent Matriarch Now grants Queens full movement speed off creep. Queens may place Creep Tumors off of creep. Creep Tumor vision increased. Mengsk Toxic Tyrant Prestige Contaminated Strike’s bonus damage decreased from 100% to 25%. Nova Soldier of Fortune Prestige Reworked such that it now reduces unit charge times on the first production structure (Barracks, Factory, or Starport) an Elite unit is built from instead of the Barracks. The other two production structures will have their charge times increased. The Factory and Starport no longer have tech requirements. Tactical Dispatcher Prestige Now increases the cooldown of Griffin Airstrike by 300% instead of disabling the ability. Raynor Backwater Sheriff Prestige Renamed to Backwater Marshal to more accurately suit the commander’s lore. Rebel Raider Prestige Tech requirements for the Armory and Orbital Command have been removed. Stukov Frightful Fleshwelder Prestige Now additionally increases the rate at which Infested Siege Tanks generate ammo by 200% with the Automated Mitosis upgrade. Plague Warden Prestige Infested Banshees gain a Load All button. Infested Banshee pickup ranged increased. Stetmann Oil Baron Prestige Mecha Locusceptors now benefit from The Best Oil. Swann Heavy Weapons Specialist Prestige Laser Drill splash damage increased from 50% to 100% of base. Laser Drill movement speed reduction increased from 50% to 70%. Laser Drill lock-on time reduced by 70%. Payload Director Prestige Science Vessels gain the Hyperjump ability. Top bar cooldowns are now increased by 50%, down from 100%. Tychus Lone Wolf Prestige Outlaw bonus damage changed from a flat 75% to 30% per Outlaw recruited (including Tychus). Sirius’ Warhound Turrets and Vega’s Dominated units now benefit from their creator’s buffs. Vorazun Withering Siphon Prestige Combat unit damage reduction decreased from 50% to 25%. Enables all of Voraun’s crowd control effects to apply to Heroic units. Zagara Zagara’s Life and Energy Regeneration Mastery now applies to Queens. Mastery order has been adjusted: Set 1: Zagara Damage vs. Zagara and Queen Life and Energy Regeneration Set 2: Zergling Evasion vs Intensified Frenzy Set 3: Baneling damage vs Roach Drop damage

EDITOR Terrain Editor Improvement Pre-placed units in the terrain editor are now able to change their height freely with the X-Y-Z Translation Manipulator. This is similar to what can already be done with doodads. (Negative height won’t work unless the unit has the ‚Ignore Terrain Height‚ flag set) New Unit flag: Footprint Ignore Height. Normally, buildings and destructibles will lose their footprints when they have a customized height. This flag makes sure a unit will always create footprints regardless of their current height. New Unit flag: Footprint Persist Rotate. If a unit has a Persist type footprint (e.g. a bridge), this flag will allow the unit to rotate their footprints based on their current facing direction. Please note that footprints can only be rotated in increments of 90/180/270/360 degrees. Developer Comment: We’ve always received feedback that modders would like to be able to more freely manipulate units in ways they can already do with doodads. With the 15 level cliff changes, we feel it’s now necessary to allow users to be able to freely control unit heights in the terrain editor. These changes will allow users to place certain destructible units, like bridges, on arbitrary heights instead of having to manually create 100 pieces of bridge data for different heights. This can be vital for Melee maps, as you are not supposed to create custom data in those maps. The rotate flag also allows users to create bridge data more easily. Previously, users would have to create 8 different version of the same bride so that it can be used in different directions. Now users will only need to create a horizontal version and a diagonal version, rotating them to custom directions. Behavior Level User Data Effect: User Data, Validator: User Data and Accumulator: User Data gain a new struct field: „Behavior Scope“ This allows modders to specify a behavior on a given unit in the effect tree. As long as a behavior is specified, the effect/validator/accumulator will store/load user data from the given behavior instead of from the current effect tree. News trigger APIs: Behavior – Behavior User Data and Behavior – Set Behavior User Data These allow users to read/store behavior level user data via triggers. Developer Comment: When we introduced Effect Tree User Data, it was only able to be used inside the same effect tree it belonged to. These changes allow end users to store/load user data across effect trees, as well as give users additional ways to store custom key/value pairs on a unit, and then use them in accumulators. We’ve also provided trigger versions to allow for better communication between the trigger module and data module. Player Score Value Accumulator New validator: Player Score Value This allows users to create formulas based on a specified player score. Developer Comment: Player Score includes a lot of player level data, such as Player Resource, Player Food, Player APM, Player Damage Dealt, Player Mastery, etc… We believe this can allow modders to create interesting data formulas. Users may also create customized player score values in data sheets, which can be essentially used as a player level custom key/value pair to be used in Accumulators. We also have existing trigger API support for Player Scores, which allows further trigger to data communications. Behavior Reflection System Polish We’ve made the following adjustments to the Behavior reflection system based on feedback: The system will no longer show a redundant launch vfx on the reflecting unit if the reflecting effect is associated with an action actor. The system will no longer suppress a launch vfx if the reflecting effect is a direct damage effect and is the only effect in the whole effect tree. If both the caster and the target of an effect have reflection behaviors, the reflection will only happen once to prevent an infinite reflecting loop. However, the effect won’t take execute on the original caster if the caster has passed reflection checking. Removal of Expansion Dependency License Checking Users will no longer have to undergo log into battle.net or undergo license checking in order to open the Swarm and Void dependencies in the editor.

BUG FIXES General Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a player has their Shadow graphic settings set to Low. Fixed a rare crash could occur when a player exits the Hyperion bridge. Fixed a crash that could occur during an Alt+F4 exit. Fixed a bug in the Archon Mode where if the hosting player drops during the starting countdown, all other players’ countdown would freeze.

Campaign Fixed various typos related 10th anniversary campaign achievements. Reworded the “Thanks for the Advice” achievement in “The Dig” mission to be clearer. Reworded the “The Quick and the Dead” achievement in “Echoes of the Future” mission to be clearer. Reworded the “Eat, Love, Then Pray” achievement in “Phantoms of the Void” mission to be clearer. The achievement, “The Great Purge” for “The Evacuation” mission now toasts after you’ve completed the achievement instead of after the game ends. The achievement, “Full Coverage” for the “Fire in the Sky” mission now toasts after you’ve completed the achievement instead of after the game ends. The achievement, “You Must Defend Additional Pylons”, in the “Spear of Adun” mission will no longer fail if a building is destroyed in the post-mission cinematic. The achievement, “Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar”, for the “Templar’s Charge” mission will no longer fail if you use certain top-bar abilities. The achievement, “Big Spear Diplomacy”, for the “Salvation” mission no longer fail if you have the Reconstruction Beam loadout. The achievement, “Disintegration Doctrine”, for the “Into the Void” mission will no longer sometimes erroneously not be awarded. The achievement, “One Shot, One Opportunity”, on the “Flashpoint” mission can no longer be completed by nuking your own units.

Co-op Missions General Donny Vermillion no longer speaks using text-to-speech on The Vermillion Problem. The Boom Bots mutator no longer interacts with the Transmutation mutator. Abathur The Limitless Prestige Abathur’s Ultimate Evolutions are no longer able to evolve with 100 Biomass with this Prestige. Alarak Alarak will no longer occasionally fail to prioritize sacrificing Supplicants. Reliquary of Souls Prestige Deployed War Prisms can now benefit from Reliquary of Souls. Tyrant Ascendant Prestige Alarak no longer announces his Death Fleet is off cooldown with this Prestige active. Artanis Valorous Inspirator Prestige Artanis’ Cooldown Reduction Mastery now works additively with this Prestige instead of multiplicatively. Dehaka Adjusted the tooltip for the Gene Mutation Chance mastery to indicate that the bonuses are now additive instead of multiplicative. Broodbrother Prestige Zweihaka now correctly obeys Dehaka’s Den’s rally. Han & Horner Han & Horner’s Prestiges now fully names the commander instead of just “Horner”. Wing Commander Prestige This Prestige no longer erroneously reduces Horner’s Starport’s unit mineral costs. Karax Changed the numerical text emanating from the Solar Forge to reflect recent balance changes. Architect of War Prestige Fixed an issue where Unity Barrier did not proc while benefitting structures. Karax’s Chrono Boost Mastery now correctly increases attack speed benefits for structures. Kerrigan Fixed an issue where Immobilization Wave’s animation would not play. Fixed an issue where Assimilation Aura would always state that it benefits from the Desolate Queen prestige. Folly of Man Prestige Folly of Man may no longer hit units in Bunkers. Fixed an issue where the visual for the ability persists after Kerrigan dies. Nova Fixed an issue where Nova uttered two lines when spawning for the first time. Raynor Backwater Marshal Prestige Infantry Armor upgrades now correctly increase Infantry health by 10% when researched. Rough Rider Prestige Now mentions the 10 additional life cost on Ignite Afterburners. Swann Heavy Weapons Specialist Prestige Swann’s Laser Drill may no longer hit units in Bunkers. Stetmann The Deconstructive Nanites ability has been restored to the Mecha Infestor’s command card. Tychus Technical Recruiter Prestige The Grenade Cooldown Mastery now interacts additively with this prestige instead of multiplicatively. This Prestige now correctly reduces Nux’s Ultrasonic Pulse cooldown. Dutiful Dogwalker Prestige The Odin no longer uses the same minimap icon as Tychus while this Prestige is active. Vorazun Keeper of Shadows Prestige With this Prestige active, Time Stop now correctly benefits from Vorazun’s level 14 Chronomancy talent. Withering Siphon Prestige Time Stop no longer prevents enemies from taking damage from this Prestige’s effects. Zagara Mother of Constructs Prestige This Prestige now correctly upgrades the stats of burrowed Aberrations.

Versus Fixed a bug where the “Low Battery Warning” achievement was not being granted.

Versus A.I. Fixed an issue where offline games versus AI were not playable and ended in a victory.

Editor Fixed a bug that where if a Set effect had its Min Count field set to be 0 and its Max Count field set to be greater than 0 but less than the total count of the child effects, there was a chance that the effect would execute all child effects, regardless of the Max Count setting. The validator, Kill Count, which has been broken since its introduction in Swarm, now works. Fixed a bug where the editor could run into an infinite loading loop while loading certain official mods in the editor. Fixed a bug where vision blockers did not work on cliffs higher than 7. Fixed a bug where a repeating acquiring sound would play when a unit tries to access a Neutral Shop which has been set to be its enemy. Fixed an edge case where if a damage effect had splash damage and used accumulators with upgraded values, the splash damage wouldn’t pick up the updated accumulator value.